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Graphic Design

eLx Design offers a range of design services to help market your advertising needs. Whether stationary, flyer, business card, or logo design eLx Design is capable of creating a unique advertisement or representation suitable for your needs. For inquiries regarding unmentioned services, please contact us at


Web Design

Promote your business or brand via online advertising. eLx Design offers a variety of website types, all of which are mobile ready.


Logo Design

Logo design has become an integral part of defining a business. eLx Design creates and delivers custom logos that present a clear perception of your business at first glance. Through a 5 step process, we

  1. absorb our client's vision,

  2. gather current information to help create a competitive logo,

  3. create and submit concepts for client approval,

  4. receive feedback and revise if needed, and

  5. submit proofs and deliver final content